From Woman to Woman is an initiative that aims to promote the exchange of technical expertise among women on all institutional and private levels. By doing so, we help women to develop projects in the areas of economic and social development as well as entrepreneurship and leadership. The objective is that women assist other women in the challenges they face when implementing their projects. Such collaboration will build strong relationships that translate into powerful networks established in various countries and regions.

From Woman to Woman aims to create a community of women for women, in which the common denominator is collaboration and exchange of ideas and knowledge so that each woman can reach her full potential: the worker, the mother, the leader. Through our platform, women receive and offer help wherever they decide to exercise their role: at home, in business or society in general.

How does it work for individual woman and organisations?

Both individual woman and institutions can share their entrepreneurship (private or social) and sustainable economic development projects and the associated practical needs, seeking to receive practical support from other women and institutions (either led by women or aspiring to support women). Practical support through our platform comes in many forms: public discussion forums / webinar sessions / technical assistance / private tutoring, etc.

How to become a member

Individual users (women) have free access to the platform and its functionalities. For institutions (corporate, social, governmental, etc.), access to the platform and its basic functionalities is free. Institutions decide if they would like to upgrade their membership by contributing financially to the association “From Woman to Woman” and access more advanced functionalities on the platform (e.g. customized reporting, time analysis for CSR reports, etc.).
Project finisher
This badge counts the number of successfully implemented and finished projects, to which the user has contributed her time:
Bronze medal: Less than 50 beneficiaries
Silver medal: Between 51 and 70 beneficiaries.
Gold medal: Between 71 and 100 beneficiaries.
Platinum medal: More than 100 beneficiaries.
Time giver
Individual users gain one of the following badges for donating their time to help one or several women and their projects:
Bronze contributor : Up to 5 hours per month.
Silver contributor : Up to 10 hours per month
Gold contributor: Up to 20 hours per month
Platinum contributor: Over 30 hours per month
Financial contributor
This badge is awarded for financial contributions to help running our platform (optional for all users). Keep in mind that organizations can access upgraded and customized functionalities and dashboards when becoming paying members.

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